Voice As a Service

collab9’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) delivers a secure, next generation cloud-based communication solution that integrates voice, video, web conferencing, messaging, mobility, and customer care – together in one predictable user-based subscription model from one experienced provider.

Hosted Collaboration Solution

collab9’s Hosted collaboration Solution (HCS) offering is a secure, next generation cloud-based communication solution that combines trusted Cisco architecture with the ease and usability of Microsoft. By integrating voice, instant messaging, presence, mobility, audio, web & video conferencing, and customer care applications into one user-based subscription model, collab9 has built a unified communications platform that is secure, reliable and priced according to your needs through scalable base packages. HCS helps enterprises manage complexities in the disparate, BYOD and mobile environment and allows real-time collaboration to help improve productivity, performance and customer service.

Do advanced feature sets and capabilities of today’s PBXs and deskphones come with a hidden cost?  

We think so! The advanced feature sets that many PBX manufacturers boast today can be extremely difficult to configure, deploy and maintain.

Small and medium sized businesses need these features to grow their business and compete with the larger companies. However, SMBs don’t always have the human resources needed to maintain these systems.

It’s a telephony catch 22!

Hosted PBX and VoIP services, like Voice As a Service, solve these issues. By offering the same set of features that these expensive and cumbersome systems deliver, VaaS eliminates the capital acquisition and the hassle of configuration and maintenance.

Voice As a Service Benefits

  • Minimal Capital Outlay
  • Scalable Comprehensive Solution
  • Feature Rich Handsets
  • Enterprise Telephony Features
  • Unlimited Calling
    • DID, E911, Advance Find Me, Caller ID, Unified mailbox, Voicemail to email, Automated Attendant, Moves, Adds & Changes, VDN Live Support, Basic Admin
  • Solution Refresh at No Additional Cost

Have you already purchased your last PBX?

Think about it. Buying a phone system or PBX is like buying a car. You can’t just go buy a newer model whenever you want to because it has a new feature that you need. And, like purchasing a car, a few short years after capitalizing on a premise-based PBX, it is out of date and worth a fraction of what you paid for it.

If you’re like most organizations, your budget isn’t huge. You can’t afford to ride the capital acquisition rollercoaster, wasting your precious capital on hardware, software, and professional services. Especially when the quality, reliability and business continuity of Hosted PBX and VoIP services rival traditional high-end enterprise phone systems.

Let’s recap. Quality, reliability and flexibility at a predictable monthly operating cost? Get the planning started!

Is Voice As a Service right for your organization?

Find out right now!

Answer Yes or No to the following questions: 

Is your PBX on its last leg and you want to upgrade? Are you stuck in a constant break/fix cycle?

Can you still get parts and service for your current phone system you purchased 15 to 20 years ago?

Is your PBX lacking in vital functionality that will help your business grow?

Do you have many locations and find its becoming more difficult to centralize the maintenance and management of your PBX?

Does your small budget often constrain you from upgrading technology?

Are you paying for phones and phone services that will eventually be a necessity but aren’t currently being used?

Is your company growing at exponentially?

If you answered Yes to the majority of these questions, Voice As a Service could be the fit you’ve been looking for.

How AmeriCom does Voice as a Service.

What does Voice As a Service from Americom mean for you?

  • Keep your internet provider
  • SIP phones provided
  • Auto attendant is put in the cloud for centralized access
  • Creates one experience for customers and stakeholders across locations
  • Give all employees business phone numbers, including remote employees
  • Connect desk phones with cell phones to forward calls
  • Voicemail is included

How is Voice As a Service Delivered?

Depending on your business need, we have several tiers of VaaS. We start with a basic offering that includes an easy to use, every day phone for a predictable monthly fee. This basic offering is perfect for small businesses but if you need more advanced features on your phones, we can provide you with those too!

Customer Service is Everything in a Hosted Solution:
How do I make changes, add phones or remove phones?

Making changes is easy. Call our Customer Service Center or use our Customer Portal to create a support ticket. They’ll make the changes you need remotely or send more phones, if needed, with a per phone per month price tag – SO SIMPLE!

Your phone is essential to your business but your business doesn’t grow from having in-house expertise in telecommunications. We’ve got that burden covered for you.

Take the first step toward enterprise capabilities without the enterprise price tag!

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