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Whether  you’re looking for a business phone system to replace outdated technology or need a new system due to a company relocation, AmeriCom Voice and Data can show you how an NEC  business telephone system  can be the perfect choice as an alternative to a voice over IP  phone system.  Maybe your data network isn’t ready for VoIP?  Maybe your not comfortable running voice over you data network? What ever the case may be NEC  has a  variety of solutions that can help your company reduce costs. AmeriCom is expert at working with companies  to determine  needs and provide a cost effective solution that you can live and grow with for many years to come.

 NEC SMB Communication Platforms help employees of small- to medium-sized companies respond to their business challenges more effectively. SMB Communication Platforms are an ideal investment for small and growing organizations that require an advanced communication solution designed specifically with them in mind. 

Business Phone Systems for Small & Medium Business

NEC products and services offered by AmeriCom are designed to target the small-to-medium business (SMB) needs and still maintain a business’ basic need to lower costs. Every company has unique services and products; to meet the unique challenges that grow from this diversity, phone systems must be flexible enough to meet the needs these services and products require. With the NEC Private Branch eXchange (PBX) systems, hybrid systems and related applications, today’s SMBs can have all of their communication and networking needs met through one vendor: AmeriCom.

The versatility of the NEC phone systems  provides the flexibility to meet all the needs of small and medium businesses and protects the company’s investment with modular expansion and technology updates as the business grows.

NEC’s  Small Business Phone System solution  is the NEC SV9100. This system replaces the 8100,Elite and IPK series systems.  It  can be economically deployed in organizations with as few as 10 phones and grows to support over 100.

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NEC’s Meduim size Business Telephone System is the NEC SV9300.  This system replaces the NEC 8300,2000 IVS,IVS2 and IPS  system and scales to over 1,000 users.

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Business Phone Systems for Large, Enterprise Business

NEC‘s Large Business Telephone System is the NEC SV9500. This system replaces the NEC 8500 and 2400 which has long been the prefered phone system choice of the hospitality and healthcare  industries due to it’s superior reliability, flexibility and affordable  price. The NEC SV9500 can support over 50,000 users.

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