Build Your Own IT Managed Services

Need assistance in deciding which options are best for your IT infrastructure? Contact us and we’ll help you find the service or combination of services that fit your needs!

Business Value Realized

  • A set of services that are truly customized to fit your organizational needs
  • Minimal disruption to your business operations and your customers’ experience
  • A predictable operating monthly expense to stabilize your budget
  • A single point of support that knows you by name and understands your business. You avoid being bounced around a support queue and wasting time waiting on hold. A business partner that’s here for you!

The value of Building Your Own Managed Services is real!

What is the cost of Managed Services compared to managing your infrastructure in-house?

Do you know what you’d have to spend to get the same level of service an IT Managed Services Provider would deliver?

Let’s take a look at a managed network for an example.

In-House Managed Network

IT Networking Salary             $75,000.00

IT Person’s Benefits              $11,250.00

Network Monitoring Tools      $30,000.00

Training Classes                   $10,000.00

Total:   $126,250.00 per year

MSP Services That Your Organization Still Would Lack [after spending $126k/year]

  • Lab Testing of Upgrades and Patches
  • Experience of seeing numerous networks on a monthly
  • Years of understanding reports and knowledge of what changes to make
  • 4 hour SLA
  • Multiple engineers in ensure coverage 365 days a year
  • Up to date on all Best Practices

With a MSP, you can leverage a team of experts instead of one full time employee to do the monitoring and maintenance of your technology, at a predictable monthly cost.

Wouldn’t you prefer spending a fraction of the cost to be able to deliver more?

Services packages put you in a box. We invite you to build your own managed services.

Your business is as unique as your own fingerprint. Most managed service providers forget about that and opt to package their offerings the way they see fit.

Why Packages Aren’t Helping Your Business

Too often you end up:

  • Paying for services you really don’t need
  • Needing a service in the next tier of packages, but not being able to justify the cost of upgrading for that one necessary service.

This is why we created a managed service offering that can deliver all of the services that you need, without the services that you don’t!

You decide which services will fit your needs and enhance your current resources. Then we’ll manage the technologies for you.

Do you spend over $125,000 each year to train and educate your IT staff?

We do.

Our engineers and technicians are the muscle of our organization. We invest in them so you, our client, get the knowledge and expertise you deserve. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Our people + our tools + your IT strategy = your IT success.

How much do IT managed services cost?

Would you like to trade in your capital acquisition request for an operational budget line item?

When you take advantage of IT managed services, expert management and monitoring become a predictable monthly fee that easily fits into your budget.

The best part? Instead of hiring one full time employee, you get a team of infrastructure people, right at your fingertips.

Remember this – when we showed you how much it costs to manage a network yourself and the services you would miss out on without a managed services provider?

See for yourself what it looks like when we go to work for you.

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